We are thrilled to announce a special course titled ‘Competition Math for Middle School Students, This course is designed to prepare students participating in math competitions for the upcoming academic year of 2023-2024. While this course is being offered for the first time in our region, it has gained popularity over the last several years in the North American region through the MAAs ‘AMC for all’ program, organized by LBA and the Iowa School Board.
Mr. Syam Chandra, MAA-IPG Leader, is conducting the AMC 8 training. AMC 8 contest starting from July 2nd,  2023 is given below.
TLUPS staff will continue to support you with administering the course and all financial transactions. And our Problem-Solving Fridays – an open class every Saturday at 5 pm – will continue.

Total cost ₹25,000/-.

There will be  12 sessions.

Maximum number of participants in one session will be 12.

Training Schedule for AMC 8 - 10 Sessions

No. Particulars Date Time
01 Algebra 1 03/05/2022 5 PM IST
02 Algebra 2 07/05/2022 5 PM IST
03 Geometry 1 10/05/2022 5 PM IST
04 Geometry 2 14/05/2022 5 PM IST
05 Geometry 3 17/05/2022 5 PM IST
06 Geometry 4 21/05/2022 5 PM IST
07 Combinatorics 1 24/05/2022 5 PM IST
08 Combinatorics 2 27/05/2022 5 PM IST
09 Number theory 1 31/05/2022 5 PM IST
10 Number theory 2 03/06/2022 5 PM IST
Mr. Chandra

Syam Chandra

Meet the Tutor

Mr. Chandra

Syam Chandra

Mr. Chandra has been leading organizations and working with students for more than a decade; he is heavily experienced in guiding students, as well as counseling and consulting on several areas including university admissions in United States. He is accredited with the American School Counseling Association as a college admission specialist as well a stress management counselor and bases his practice out of Boston and Iowa. As the TLPS Academic Director, member of the Iowa School Board and a researcher associated with the Study Iowa consortium of universities and colleges, Chandra sends time in Iowa teaching, conducting research and working with educators and policy makers. He is also an invited fellow with the Canadian Parliament Teachers Institute.

The Mathematical Association of America has named him the International Group Director for all IB Schools around the world, all schools in Canada, South Asia and Middle East Asia.