Since 2014, Transitions Lab University Preparatory School (TLUPS) has been helping a global student base in achieving and hurtling past their academic and extra-curricular goals. Through our suite of programs and products, students across South Asia, the Middle East, East Asia, and North America have been learning, experiencing and reflecting under our committed guidance.

Meet Our Director

Shyam Chandra - TLUPS

NNS Chandra

Mr. Chandra has been leading organizations and working with students for more than a decade; he is heavily experienced in guiding students, as well as counseling and consulting on several areas including university admissions in United States.

Chandra is an active member of the following organizations: NACAC, MAA, OACAC, ASCA, ACA, Study Iowa

He is accredited with the American School Counseling Association as a college admission specialist as well a stress management counselor and bases his practice out of Boston and Iowa.

As the TLPS Academic Director, member of the Iowa School Board and a researcher associated with the Study Iowa consortium of universities and colleges, Chandra sends time in Iowa teaching, conducting research and working with educators and policy makers. He is also an invited fellow with the Canadian Parliament Teachers Institute.

The Mathematical Association of America has named him the International Group Director for all IB Schools around the world, all schools in Canada, South Asia and Middle East Asia.

He is the lead editor of the Transitions in Global Education research journal. You’ll find Mr. Chandra’s articles published in such newspapers as The Hindu, Huffington Post, the Indian Express, and Hindustan Times. A selection of his articles can be found below.

Beyond A Boring Degree

Math Careers and AMC contests

Preparing for University  

 In addition, you can follow his social media presence, from his Twitter and his posts on Facebook to his advice forum on Rediff:

On these platforms, Mr. Chandra often posts individualized advice and relevant articles about the education community that can be of enormous help to students, parents and teachers.