Sun Salutations 108

SS 108 is a project (to create awareness of youth homelessness and raising funds to support charities they support) run by our students where four days a year our students and teachers would join with our supporters and try to do as many sun salutations as possible. Our students have lined up corporate and individual donors who have pledged to donate one dollar for each sun salutation our students and teacher do on that day.

We have completed it  on Dec 21 2020 (Winter Solstice), March 20th 2021 (Spring equinox) and June 20th 2021. Previously, on June 20th our students raised 1211 $!
Stayed tuned for this years’ dates as well that falls on  Sept 20 and Dec 21st

MAA is supporting the students in the program by providing a full time teaching/training crew, all resources, weekly training to prepare for the event, accessories like T-shirts, caps etc. Every student would also receive discounts on many products and services. All our enrichment programs can be availed be the students with no cost incurred by them including for American Red Cross First Aid and CPR training. 

Please note

  1. Time spent on this project will be acknowledged by MAA towards community service hours.. and we will issue certificates to satisfy requirements in IB/IGCSE and different boards.
  2. Teachers in the program would be eligible for continuing education credit
Mail us at if you want to join this program for free



First Aid & CPR training program is an vital program for kids above grade 5 as it builds confidence amongst youngsters to face challenges. Every child must be aware of the basic actions one must take when facing a medical situation,

In addition, it encourages volunteerism and self development along with leadership skills. This program is conducted under the guidance of certified trainers.

This course covers the following aspects: 

  • Becoming  a first aider
  • Emergency management 
  • Wound care
  • Choking 
  • Fainting 
  • CPR
  • Seizures 
  • Shock 
  • Bone, muscle and joint injuries

It is a 2.5 hours course that would help at least 7 out of 10 students to be alert and be aware of what steps to take when someone gets hurt or injured. Such acts of kindness and bravery can make a huge difference in realizing whether a life can be lost or saved.

Mail us at to know more about the course and fee details.