About MAA-IPG Teaching Partners Program

Are you passionate in teaching? You love working with students? You dream of getting involved in an active learning circles focused on overall development of a student – in your local community yet supported and guided by international academic organization with solid programs?
Mathematical Association of America’s International Programs Group is actively recruiting teachers and educators to be a part of a growing team of Knowledge Keepers and Resource leaders to support the sharing of resources, programs, books, training. Support in local community while appreciating traditional values, knowledge, traditions, and best practices. The successful candidate will have lived experience and a learned understanding of Indigenous worldviews and cultural teachings
MAA-IPG is a program directed by Mathematical Association of America and implemented exclusively in South Asia, Middle East Asia, IB Schools across Europe, Africa and Canada – we are reaching out to students, teachers, parents, educators with our programs developed from our 120 years of experience working in the education space – with our competitions program, research and conference and other academic and non academic programs, supporting with resources, training, counselling.

Teachers and tutors get appreciation letter from Mathematical Association of America (MAA) for promoting American Mathematics Competition (AMC).

We provide support and guidance needed to set up Math Club in schools. And give free access to resources related to mathematics for Math Club members.

Teachers, tutors and students get assistance in publishing their educational articles in education journals and publications.

Teachers, tutors and students can send us their articles and selected ones will we published in our educational journal – TiGES.

Access to digital copies of various articles of well-known mathematicians and educators around the world.

Access to live online sessions for teachers, tutors and students to share and discuss their ideas related to mathematics.

We provide all support for teachers, tutors and students for attending virtually or in person for various seminars conducted by Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and other organizations like that

Connect with Us

Dear math teachers/tutors, please fill out the quick form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Our Teaching Partners Program

     Is directed from our Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA office from where we are implementing an ambitious MAA (Mathematical Association of America) program ‘AMC (American Mathematics Competition) for all’ for students who need extra support, was formed by LBA Foundation/TLUPS/educators that understand this interconnected global world and want to make a significant impact in our future generations.

    We are in the process of building out door concept schools in India, Canada (expected to be ready to receive students in Summer) and a charter school in Cedar Rapids operational by 2022-23 academic year.

     In USA, with less than 25% of U.S. citizens traveling abroad during their lives, MAA IPG believes we must bring the educators of the world to our future generations. Today’s children and young adults understand that while they are citizens of a specific country, they are part of something much bigger, a global
    community. Yesterday’s pen pal is today’s video hangout. Children growing up today will not know or understand geographical boundaries, and instead communicate effectively and efficiently with their peers across the globe. Time zones and different languages will no longer be barriers, replaced with cultural understanding and awareness.

    We are looking for our teaching partners program participants to get trained, supported, resourcified in providing our program to their community.

    1. Professional development opportunities (access all lectures, targeted training, intercultural communication training, certification and continuing education credits)
    2. Teaching opportunities in North America and Europe (short term volunteering positions to year long teaching assignments)
    3. Training projects to be picked up for schools around world in MAA (Mathematical Association of America) programs
    4. Support in securing seats in top math and science masters program for working teachers in top schools including Stanford, Waterloo, Iowa, Coe college
    5. Grants and scholarships
    6. Research, conferences, travel grants
    7. Access to books, research library

    We expect program participants to bring in their community of students and institutions to our programs.

    We will provide limited number of seats in our competition and research program to participants at no cost for them to give it to their students and encourage other students to join the program. We will provide a basic annual fellowship for program participants and expected to provide training services for that. Any assignment over and above basic work will be compensated separately. Program participants can actively promote and position our math products in the local community and will receive special pricing and we encourage to up-position.


    New and experienced teachers are welcome to apply based on the following eligibility criteria:

    You currently teach or work in the field of education in South Asia or Middle East Asia or Africa (Kindergarten to Grade 12 or CEGEP)

    You currently teach, expect to teach or work with teachers in a subject area related to math, science, languages, civics or social studies

    You commit to broaden the impact of your experience by sharing knowledge and educational resources acquired through participation at the MAA IPG
    Teachers Institute

    Selection Criteria

    Applicants are selected by a committee of educators appointed by MAA-IPG. Eligible candidates are assessed on following criteria

    Commitment to teaching about math, science, civic engagement

    Leadership in your professional and community life, at a level appropriate to your years of experience

    Dedication to knowledge sharing and collaboration

    Innovation in the classroom or capacity to undertake curriculum activities based on educational resources offered by the MAA-IPG Teachers Institute

    Commitment to ongoing professional growth

    Two recent letters of recommendation from fellow professionals in the field of education