Advantages and privileges of taking AMC in Singapore International School Mumbai (Official Test Center for AMC/AIME/USAMO/MOP programs from MAA IPG)

  • Participants can experience a full in person, paper-based contest. Proctored by faculty specially trained and supported. 
  • Participants from other schools (and home-schooled students) are welcome to test in SIS MAA IPG center.
  • Students will get a chance to attend the exam in an official MAA IPG testing center (in Mumbai currently we authorized SIS. We are looking and working with schools in different cities and countries in the region to offer this model this year)
  • Students can join the AMC problem-solving seminar sessions conducted by a senior math teacher familiar with international curriculum this is included in 4000. 28 sessions covering problems from all parts will be done live.
  • Students will get the hard copies of AMC books and previous year question papers included. This will be distributed via the school. Will include worksheets, practice exams etc.
  • Students can get print copies of their certificates included.
  • Students can access the advanced programs of TLUPS and MAA-IPG at a special price. Programs like our research & conference programs, American/Canadian Red Cross trainings, Iowa School Board and Teachers Institute in Parliament programs etc. 
  • Students are encouraged to join for the upcoming Math Fest conference in Tampa Florida, USA in August 2023, JMM Conference in Seattle in January 2024, Hawaii Conference 2023, Cairo Conference June 2024 etc. And all our conferences. Remote and in person opportunities available at special rates, Registration cost in some conferences is waived in some for these students.